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Account Management

Our company remain poised to delivering reputable client-oriented services with innovative approaches to Business Development within our immediate environment and the world at large, with Online Forex Trading, Futures and Metal Markets as the focal point. The company allows organizations/Individuals in any capacity to fund their personal trading account with the company’s partner Forex Broker. The profits generated on the trades are shared between the Company and the Client on a weekly basis of ratio 40:60 until the client recoup 100% of capital invested, and then in the ratio 50:50 afterwards. The week where there are losses, the losses on the account would be recovered before further share of profit. As part of the responsibility to every trading account managed by Dcrocstyle Nig Ltd, investors are allowed to choose their risk appetite ranging from 20% - 50%. Once investor share of profit amount to 200% of the capital deposited, the company will only bear 5% Liability if losses gets to the total risk limit of the investor. Forex based investments are similar to hedge funds in terms of return levels but in the meantime, we are more accessible, flexible and transparent. Lastly, we offer distinctive risk & return scenarios to suit investor, looking for portfolio diversification or an independent Forex investment. Minimum Deposit start from, $10,000.

Terms and conditions apply


We give juicy returns on investments (ROI) to our investors which ranges from monthly to quarterly. Funds are invested into Foreign Exchange Market, Energy Futures (Oil, Natural Gas) Commodities Futures (Coffee, Cotton, Sugar, Corn, Soya beans, Wheat) for trading purposes.

Our Investment Packages are

  • Half-year Plan: 12% ROI
  • Annual Plan: 30% ROI


At Dcrocstyle Nigeria Limited, We have always been passionate when it comes to learning which is why we organise seminars and forums for our students.

Why should you attend?

  • Gain Market Insight.
  • Learn tested and proven ways to trade the forex market.
  • Take good entry and exit positions.
  • Money/Risk Management.
  • Connect with like-mind traders.

Signal Provider

We generate minimum of 1,000 pips on our signal channel


We offer partnership deals to individuals who are ready to earn commissions on referral. Referral is an additional way to earn on those you introduced to our company.Register, Introduce and Earn continuously.